As an NRI, the concept of Financial Planning plays a bigger role in your life, as the main life events that you might face would possibly include shifting back to India post-retirement, managing your assets in India or  even your child’s education and marriage.

NRIs should not miss the opportunity of investing in India, in order to gain from potential benefits while Indian economy grows further. You may have moved out of India, but you still want to invest in Indian companies. This could be because of opportunities that Indian equity markets offer or due to your familiarity with Indian equity markets. However, you could have a number of questions, which include how can NRIs invest in stock markets in India? Are there any restrictions on NRI investment in equity markets?

1- We are one point-of-contact for all your investment related queries

2- We will help you to open multiple types of banks accounts(NRE, NRO or NRSR), trading accounts, and Demat accounts with us for different kinds of transactions. You can open online as well as offline trading accounts with us

3- In an online trading account, the trading account will be opened with us and the banking and depository account will be opened with a specified bank

4- In offline trading account, a trading-cum-depository account will be opened with us and a bank account will be opened with specified bank

Once all your accounts have been set up, you can start making investment in our partners’ products as under:

a- Equity

b- SIP, STP and SVP

c- Mutual Funds

d- Investment in Bonds and NCD’s

e-  Offer for sale (OFS) through stock exchange



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