Technical Analysis provides a mechanism to set entry and exit points, to get risk-reward ratios, or stop out levels.

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The reputed economist John Maynard Keynes said, “There is nothing so disastrous as a rational investment policy in an irrational world”. Technical analysis provides the only mechanism to measure the “irrational”, what we know as emotional, component present in all markets.

As soon as you have money in the market, emotionalism is in the driver’s seat and rationalism and objectivity are mere passengers. If you doubt this, start paper trading and then try trading with your own funds. You will soon discover how deeply counterproductive aspects of tension, anticipation and anxiety alter the way you trade and view the markets – usually in proportion to the funds committed.

"Technical Analysis can put "Objective" back in driver's seat. Technical Analysis provides a mechanism to set Enetry and Exit points, to get risk-reward ratios, or stop out levels. By using theme, you foster a risk management approaches to trading."

Topics Covered :

34 Days to Master Price Pattern Analysis

Price pattern study is mostly retrospective in nature. We can easily identify may chart patterns after they have occurred and when we have observed the results. The real talent comes in identifying a chart pattern while it is evolving real time and profiting from its completion. The value of study of chart patterns comes in analysing the price patterns which are more profitable with less risk and analysing ones which are most likely to profit over others. Usually patterns are divided into two categories - continuation and reversal however this categorisation is often misleading. When a human takes action which he has done before and enjoyed ,human brain releases a chemical named dopamine which causes a pleasure sensation. This problem is very dangerous in financial markets where change is only constant. That’s why in price pattern analysis one must look for failures rather than believe in the constancy of the previous patterns. Nowadays Institutional hands act in concert and cause patterns to self-destruct leading to havoc among short term traders who are watching the same pattern develop. For developing necessary skills to analyse price patterns and use them in your trades ,we have devised this "34 Days to Master Price Pattern Analysis" Workshop. This workshop is purely based on analysing developing price patterns and paper trading those patterns.


21 Days to Master Candlestick Charting Techniques

Candlesticks are a way of expressing trading activity in a given time frame in the form of a candle depicting open,close,low,high of the stock. We know that Technical Analysis is the only way to measure the emotional component of the markets. We know that many times an ounce of emotion can be worth a pound of facts. Candlesticks are one of the ways to explain behaviour of bulls and bears in a given time frame. Thus, candlesticks are good way to explain a sudden shift in market with or without change in fundamentals. Candlesticks form patterns and these patterns can be termed as continuation or reversal which depict that prices might continue in current trend, reverse the trend or prices can enter sideways trend. A fascinating attribute to candle charts is that the names of the candle patterns are a colourful mechanism describing the emotional health of market at the time these patterns are formed. "21 day to candlestick charting techniques" workshop enables participants to be a pro in candlestick analysis.


21 Days to Master Price-Volume Indicators

Indicators are mathematics formulae placed on price and volume readings. Bounded indicators called Oscillators like Stochastic, RSI and unbounded Oscillators like MACD, Bollinger Bands , ATR etc are extremely helpful for technical traders to benefit in non-trending markets where most trend following systems don't work that well. In trending markets too, oscillators when used in conjunction with price charts alert short term trade with market "oversold" and “overbought" conditions. Oscillators can signal a trend completion by displaying certain "divergences". Oscillators work best when trading in the direction of overriding market trend and majorly towards end of the market move. One of the most successful methods of identifying and benefiting from trends is the use of moving averages. While two technicians can disagree whether a given price pattern is "triangle" or "wedge" or whether a volume patterns favour bulls or bears, a moving average trend signals are precise and not open to debate. Volatility Begets Volatility concept is well captured by Bollinger Bands, Average True Range like Indicators to help devise trade setups. Thus, "Price -Volume Indicators" help traders confirm the quality of price charts or form their own buy or sell signals. In "21 days to Price -Volume Indicators" workshop we analyse 20+ type of Indicators and do real time analysis of these indicators and paper trade them.

Modified Option Trader

Knowledge held by a successful trader is not that of what will happen in future, it is the knowledge of how to manage uncertainty. The masters of Option Trading are masters of managing risks associated with what they not know - the risk of uncertainty. All Options Strategies are differentiated by their unique risk characteristics. Some are more sensitive to directional movement of the underlying asset than others; some are affected by more passing time than others; some are more affected by passing time than others. The exact exposure positions have to these market influences determine the success of how to exploit these risk characteristics. These option-value sensitivities can be controlled when a trader understands the options Greeks. Options Greeks are metrics used to measure an option's sensitivity to influences on its price. "Modified Option Trader" training helps participant understand these metrics and master the risk of uncertainly associated with option Trading. This training helps participant create option positions with risk-reward profiles that benefits him/her the most in a given situation and help devise right strategy for the right situation. Participant shall be able to tailor a position to fit a specific forecast with respect to the time horizon, the degree of bullishness , bearishness , neutrality, or volatility in the underlying stock; and the desired amount of leverage. Post this training program participant can trade option Greeks which opens the door to may new opportunities to trade.

There are mock tests designed after each topic to check and ensure the level of understanding of the participants. All the knowledge content is provided by

Online Modified Technical Analyst is a useful course for MBAs / Students pursuing MBA who would like to get an in-depth understanding of Technical Analysis of financial markets. It provides knowledge fortification & exposure to practical application of Technical Analysis of financial markets; serving as an effective resume builder and ideal preparation for future career in financial markets.

New Investors, Retail Traders, and Financial Services Professionals shall also benefit from this course as not only do we provide the theoretical knowledge, but also the mentoring and training guidance, to help each participant achieve their goals for profitable trading of stocks, indices, currency and commodity. It offers all the benefits of being online, thus helping participants learn at their own pace and continue studying while working.

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