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The Indian market also exhibits a wide range of investment opportunities. As an NRI investor, you can engage our services that offer transaction and advisory services, which encompass access to the wide range of products, research and execution services.

Wealth Management for NRIs incorporates Financial Planning, Investment Management, Insurance and Risk Management, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and other aggregated financial services. Through our holistic approach in providing wealth management consulting and advisory encompassing wealth protection, wealth accumulation and wealth appreciation. We provide end-to-end services to NRIs – Including banking services, getting PAN and KYC, risk profiling, financial planning and investment management; reviewing, and re-aligning investments according to change in market environments, keeping tax compliance in India and your respective country into consideration.

Our range of wealth creation, wealth management and wealth protection solutions are provided through partners that are leaders in their areas of expertise. These partners enable us to provide solutions covering:

1- Direct Equity, Futures & Options – Online and Offline platform.

2- Mutual Funds – Investing in both Indian and International markets and across multiple asset classes.

3- Portfolio Management Services (PMS) – across equity, debt and real estate.

4- Bonds / Deposits – Issued by Government, and Corporates.

5- Structured Products- Customized Wealth Creation Tools.

6- Life Insurance Solutions taking care of risk coverage, investment and pension solutions.

7- General Insurance covering health, businesses and assets.




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