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A Will is a legal declaration of a person, with respect to his properties and assets, which he desires to be carried into effect after his death. In the case, if you reside outside India but own immovable assets in India, these assets will be distributed as per the Indian succession laws in the absence of a Will. It is therefore advisable to write a separate Will for your assets situated in India. This will ensure a hassle-free transfer of assets and prevent unnecessary delays. You can choose anyone you wish, to pass on your assets. Also, you always have the flexibility to modify your Will to capture required changes.

At Arhaum Enterprises (Indian Wealth Management), we understand that Will Writing is a cumbersome process and you may need guidance at various steps. Our team of Will specialists, who are familiar with the Indian regulations and laws, can provide best in-class advice on passing on your immovable property in India to your chosen heirs in India or abroad in the most tax efficient way.


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